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Flores Farm Tree Service


Tree Removal

Safe and Reliable Tree Removal

Trees add beauty to a property and provide shade and privacy. In some cases, however, they can be a nuisance. When it comes time to have a tree removed from your property, entrust the job to our team of professionals with the proper training, experience, and equipment.


Flores Farm Tree Service is the safe and efficient tree removal service in the Berkshire County, MA and surrounding areas you can rely on. Trust us to get the job done right!


Maybe you've noticed the bark on a tree going soft and you're concerned about disease spreading to your other plants and vegetation. Perhaps a tree has stopped sprouting new leaves in the spring and instead drops small branches and broken twigs onto your lawn area. It may be that you want to build a shed or a pool, and simply need a sufficient area of land cleared. Whatever your reason for considering tree removal, our team can help. Contact our tree removal service in Berkshire County  today to discuss your tree removal project and request an estimate!

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Benefits of Tree Removal

There can be several advantages to having one or more trees on your property taken down, and yet many homeowners tend to put off this sort of project until things get worse, and an emergency situation forces their hand.


If you're noticing a dangerously hanging tree near your home or power lines, we encourage you to reach out to the emergency tree removal service Berkshire County, MA and neighboring areas can trust. Whether it's the inconvenience or the expense that has you hesitating, consider the following benefits when deciding whether or not to move forward with professional tree removal at this time.


Tree removal can improve your home's curb appeal, value, and overall safety. It may not be that a tree itself is unsightly, but just that it is blocking the view of your beautiful house from the street. While you may be able to enhance the look of your front yard with a tree trimming and pruning service, removal is always an option if necessary.


The flip side of this could also be the case where a tree in front of a window is blocking your family's scenic view from inside the house. Sometimes the problem is not that a tree is damaged or dying, but that there is cause for concern if it were to continue growing healthily. For example, roots may spread out over time until they impact the concrete of your foundation, driveway, or sidewalk. On the other hand, branches could grow until they sit dangerously close to a power line or upper-story window. Removal of perfectly healthy trees can serve as an ideal preventative measure.


Trees that are diseased or damaged pose a hazard to your property. Hazardous tree removal is intended as a preventive action to avoid serious risks to the safety of your family, home, and belongings.


If a dying tree is allowed to linger unaddressed, it will continue to decompose until it falls. Enlist our tree company to perform a tree risk assessment. Many warning signs of deterioration can go unnoticed by the average homeowner until it is too late. Fortunately, our expert tree removal service in Berkshire County, MA knows just what to look for.


Over the years, we've provided countless emergency tree removal services for residential properties throughout Berkshire County and the surrounding MA, NY and VT communities and we've seen trees at all the varying stages of deterioration.


If you yourself do happen to notice anything out of the ordinary such as brittle, chipping bark, lost branches, a lack of leaf growth, or a soft, spongy feeling to the trunk, be sure to get in touch with us promptly for a FREE tree removal estimate.


If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the benefits of tree removal, please reach out to us!

Flores Farm Tree Service


Stump Removal

Stump Grinding & Tree Stump Removal

Don’t spend your weekend trying to remove a tree stump. If you’ve ever tried to remove a tree stump yourself you know how long, hard and back-breaking it can be.

Flores Farm Tree Service can do it for you, quickly and affordably. Call us today.

Why Should You Remove Tree Stumps?

Property Value  Because tree stumps are unsightly, some people believe they can affect your property value. Would you prefer to buy a home with a yard of blooming, well-maintained trees? Or one with even one tree stump left behind?

Safety – Not only do you risk tripping over a tree stump and injuring yourself, a tree stump could also turn into a liability if a neighbor or someone else has a misadventure. In addition, stumps can damage lawn equipment if it gets in the way while mowing.

Infestations and Disease – Tree stumps attract insects and other vermin, and could harbor diseases that can spread to other tree life. While it’s true that live trees can also be vulnerable to infestations and disease, tree stumps are especially vulnerable.

New Growth – Tree stumps actually have the ability to sprout new growth again. Many times you’ll see new trees sprout up around the stump. Not only is this a bit of an eyesore, but it could be more expensive to remove now that new roots have established themselves.

Flores Farm Tree Service


Storm Cleanup
Efficient Emergency Tree Removal:

Do you have damaged trees or tree limbs hanging over your property after a recent storm? Have you noticed a tree deteriorating over time that is now so decayed that it is falling apart? Damaged and decaying trees can pose a safety risk for you and your neighbors. 


If a tree has yet to fall, it could cause damage to your property, your neighbor's property, or even surrounding powerlines. A dead, decaying, or damaged tree should be removed before a storm to keep everyone and everything safe and sound.


You can count on the team at Flores Farm Tree Service for efficient emergency tree removal in Berkshire County and beyond. 


Our local emergency tree removal service in Berkshire County, MA uses industry-leading, high-tech equipment and our 10 years of experience to skillfully, safely, and efficiently remove problematic trees from your property.


We know how detrimental a decaying or damaged tree can be, and that is why we offer a hazardous tree removal service to remove it immediately!  Contact us today to learn more about our professional tree removal work or to request a FREE tree removal estimate!

When is Emergency Tree Removal Necessary?

  • Disease - Unfortunately, some tree diseases can spread quite quickly. If you have recently noticed a growth of disease on one or more trees on your property, emergency removal can help save any surrounding trees that have yet to be infected.

  • Safety is Threatened - Have you recently noticed a branch hanging precariously over your yard or house? This could be a huge safety hazard, especially if there is a storm in the forecast. We can help alleviate that threat of further damage or injury by trimming or removing the affected branches.

  • Storm Damage - Intense storms in our area bring heavy rains and forceful winds that could potentially damage or fell your tree. Ice storms can have the same effect. In the event you have a tree emergency resulting from a storm, call us 24/7 and we'll be there to help.

  • Selling Your Property - Well-kept trees can improve your property value. If you are planning to sell and have some trees that are dead, decaying, or damaged, removing them quickly (and without damage to your lawn areas) can be the difference between a quick sell and a long time on the market.

Flores Farm Tree Service at Work

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